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Best WordPress Themes or Templates

Although my talent lies in custom web design, a custom web design is not the appropriate solution for everyone.  There are many factors that go into determining what is an optimal path for a client to take when choosing how to fulfill the need for a new website or a website upgrade.  Sometimes, generally due […]

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WordPress, cPanel, Redirects and htaccess

Having trouble setting up redirects in your cPanel for your WordPress website? cPanel is a great hosting control panel interface.  My favorite commercial option. And WordPress is a wonderful content management system (CMS), so much so that more websites are running on it than on any other CMS wordwide. So lets say you just built […]

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How to make an email link

How to Make an Email Address Link

If you are interested in the WordPress User Guide, click on that link to start at the beginning. How to make an email address on your website automatically open a users default email program on their computer and insert that email address in the To: field.  Instructions here are specifically tailored to use with WordPress, […]

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How to Find a WordPress Category ID – The Easy Way

How many times have I needed to identify a specific WordPress Category ID and scratched my head trying to remember.  And worse, when I searched on-line for an easy jogging of my memory, found un-necessary solutions leadering others to endlessly scratch their heads as well, wondering if there is an easier way. And although I […]

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