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For the California Narcotic Canine Assoc. & Silicon Valley Clean Water.

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“Over the years I have been involved with 5 website projects. Working with David was the smoothest, easiest, and most positive experience of any of the projects. He has a unique combination of technical expertise with an eye for beauty and design. He is a great listener and truly cares about creating a website that meets a client’s objectives, is beautiful and effective! He is very accessible, honest, and attentive to detail. He is also a great guy and makes a big project fun!”

Kim Phipps, Marketing Manager

Marketing Professional

“We hired David Tierney for his design brilliance.  He came through with that and so much more.  He proved to be very gifted at holding the big picture of what we wanted out of our new website, and had the ability to attend to all of the details that made it function better than we have ever experienced.  We have high standards of excellence at LionHeart and David exceeded them with both his creativity and comprehensive insight into how to bring our unique offer to life.”

Paul Werder, Lionheart Consulting

Business Consultant

Web Design & Development for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Marketers & Consultants

If you need a website that will attract and convert better clients and customers; if you need an effective platform to deliver your message and value proposition and establish credibility, expertise and quality of service; if you yearn for a dependable and trustworthy web designer and webmaster who understands and can implement your digital marketing needs – then contact me.

Sample businesses and service professionals (individuals or a teams up to 500) include Consultants, Designers, Architects, Builders, Craftsmen, Manufacturers, Therapists, Healers, Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, IT Services, Trainers, Coaches, Hotels, and so on.

Web Design & Development for Organizations

Organizations typically have large websites with lots of information geared to a diverse audience and needing to meet multiple goals. Effectively organizing and presenting that information requires special skills. Need to capture registration information for events, provide ongoing news updates, manage members or add other functionality – just aks. Contact Me • View SamplesRead Case Study

Why Does Design Matter?

Because your potential customers and clients will choose to spend their time and money based on the value of your offer – and for many businesses and organizations, the primary means by which they convey the value of their products and services is through their website. Good design clarifies and enhances value and credibility, engaging and enrolling new clients and customers to choose your company and to spend more time and money on your products and services.

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