How to Drive Traffic to your Blog

Below I will share some ways you can build your blog by driving traffic to your blog. I will start with one way, and add them over time, (so come back if you just see one).

1. Write material on your blog that answers the common questions people have in your line of work. Then, the next time you run across someone, (in person, on-line, or elsewhere) who is seeking that answer, send them to your blog for the answer. Tell them your website or blog address and how to find the answer. If you are in person with someone, write it down for them.

2. Let the search engines work for you.  What are you writing about?  First off, focus what you are writing about, or identify what that focus is.  Now think of what someone looking for that would enter into a search engine.  For example, “How do I change the battery in my watch?” or “How to change a watch battery” rather than, “Fixing your watch”.

Then use that phrase in the title of your post, as the permalink to your post (with permalinks listing your post names in your URL), in the first paragraph of your post, as the title of an image in your post, and if you can specify it in the meta keywords and meta description for you post, use it there also.  This consistent use of the same phrase tells the search engines clearly what your post is about.

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