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Are you are freelancer, independent contractor, or other professional working solo? Here are three plus great freelancer resources for you.

fu_sprite_v2Freelancers Union

Freelancers Union has grown to be a very large voice on Capitol Hill for the rights of Freelancers in the US, and the more members they have, the better they can serve the needs of Freelancers. Freelancers pay more in taxes, have less options when it comes to health insurance, and have less rights as workers, just to name a few.  But Freelancers Union is changing all of that.  And they also offer seminars, discounts on related services, networking opportunities, and other benefits for freelancers.  Visit their website.  Check them out.  Joining is FREE.

This is not specifically targeted to freelancers, but if you are a freelancer and you do not know about the, then you are missing a phenomenal resource.  They have a vast software training & tutorial video library that is constantly being added to and their courses are top of the line, offered by the best in the industry at their trade, and/or the best teachers. They offer free access & previews on hundreds of tutorials, and the cost is nominal: $25/month, or $250/yr.  For $25 in one month, you can learn a lot.  Long-term, it is the best way to keep on top of the tools you use or have at your disposal.

And if that is not enough, check out this post on FreelanceSwitch listing over 100 other freelance resources, or this post on listing 20 more.

Good luck freelancers.  Designing away…

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