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Have you ever entered a keyword phrase into Google with the intent of seeing where your website, or a client’s website is in the search results?  Before you get too excited, you will want to “uncustomize” the results.

Google customizes your search results based on your search history.  If you want to view search results without this customization, then you will want to click on the link at top right of the search results that says “View customizations”,


then click on the link that says, “without these improvements”.


Try again, and you will get what you are looking for.

Desiging away…

4 thoughts on “View Uncustomized Google Search Results”

  1. I Hate Customization

    so frustrating… even when i disable customization (and clear my entire web history), i get different results depending on whether I use my browser, SEOBook’s RankChecker, or one of the many Multiple Data Center Check Tools available online.

    I feel that it’s almost impossible to know where a site truly “ranks” anymore!

    1. Hi there crazy wabbit. I know you from Freelance Switch. What I can tell you is that when I clicked on the View Customization link and de-activated it, and returned to the Google search page, it did not show the “View Customization” text link anymore. So I suspect that if you do not see it, then Google has not customized your search results. Not sure if that is on a search by search basis, or globally for your computer. Maybe if you have your browser cache or history to auto delete frequently, such as when you shut down your browser, it takes Google a bit to gather enough info to start customizing your searches. I have my browser set that way, but don’t end up shutting down for long periods of time.

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