How to Find a WordPress Category ID – The Easy Way

How many times have I needed to identify a specific WordPress Category ID and scratched my head trying to remember.  And worse, when I searched on-line for an easy jogging of my memory, found un-necessary solutions leadering others to endlessly scratch their heads as well, wondering if there is an easier way.

And although I am assuming that if you found this post that you know why you are trying to find it, for those who don’t know, there are programming reasons to know – such as to specify in the code to exclude or include a certain category from being displayed on a page.

The Answer

The easiest way – no, not searching your database via your phpmyadmin; nor even changing your permalink structure to display it in your url – instead, simply click on the category option under Posts in your admin panel, move your cursor over the name of the category in question and it will be displayed in your browsers status bar.  That’s it.


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