How to Create an Email Forward in CPanel

Instructions on how to create a Forward in a Cpanel based hosting environment

For example, if you generally use an email address, and you want to add an email address to your website, and have that newly created email address (which has your website’s domain name), then you will want to create a forward to forward to  This will have the effect of automatically forwarding all email to your email address without having to share it on your website, (and also you can share a more professional email address on your website).  This is often desirable if you do not want to change how you manage your emails, as you would still be able to continue to just check your account as usual.

The one downside is that you will not be set up to send email from that new domain, only to receive.  In many cases, this is not an issue

  1. First, login to your hosting account.  You can get that information from your hosting provider.
  2. In the various sections of your hosting administrative panel that will present itself, there is a section titled “Mail”, and in there an option called “Forwards”. Click on Forwards.
  3. Displayed will be a list of existing forwards (if any) and under that list is a button “Add Forward”. Click that button.
  4. In the field under Address > Address to Forward, you will enter, for our example, just the name john.
  5. On the right side of that field you may have options as to what domain name you want to have your new email address connected to. The options presented will be only those domains in your hosting account.
  6. Then below that where it says Destination > Forward to email address, you will enter the email address you want your new email address to be forwarded to – for example,
  7. Then click on the button at the bottom of the page, “Add Forwarder”. That is it. Use the button at top right of your screen to “Logout”.

If you want to learn how to add an email link to your website, specifically within WordPress, click on How to make an email address link.

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