How to Make an Email Address Link

If you are interested in the WordPress User Guide, click on that link to start at the beginning.

How to make an email address on your website automatically open a users default email program on their computer and insert that email address in the To: field.  Instructions here are specifically tailored to use with WordPress, but can be applied in any case.

  1. Add the email address to your website’s content as you would any content.
  2. Then you are going to make it a link, jut as you would make some text link to another page, for example. So you would highlight your new email address (ie double click over it or click-drag your cursor of the email address); and then click on the “Link” button in your website editor to open the pop-up dialog box that allows you to add a website address.
  3. INSTEAD of creating a link starting HTTP://….. – you will want to erase that part and insert the following:
  4. …where is the email address being used. By putting mailto: before the email address, this causes the effect you want.
  5. That is it. Save your changes. You do not have to specify a Target for that link in the pop-up.

For instructions on how to create a Forward in a Cpanel based hosting environment, click on How to Create an Email Forward in CPanel.

For example, if you generally use an email address, and you want to add an email address to your website, and have that newly created email address (which has your website’s domain name), then you will want to create a forward to forward to  This will have the effect of automatically forwarding all email to your email address without having to share it on your website, (and also you can share a more professional email address on your website).  This is often desirable if you do not want to change how you manage your emails, as you would still be able to continue to just check your account as usual.

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