My email address was hacked

My email was hijacked. Someone is sending email from my aol, hotmail or gmail email address.

More and more I am receiving emails from people I know that were obviously not sent from them.  They often just have links in them to some site that the hijacker is sending people to, and other times there are other scams like this one (traveling, lost my wallet, send money…), which I have received before as well.

So to make it easier to direct my friends and contacts to support for their situation, I put a list of links below for the most common email types that seem to get hijacked, at least that I know of – a0l, hotmail and gmail.

If your AOL email address has been hijacked, go here.

If your YAHOO email address has been hijacked, go here.

If your HOTMAIL email address has been hijacked, go here.

If your GMAIL email address has been hijacked, go here.

There are some other good tips in this article about a hijacked Gmail account, such as:

  • adding a secondary email address ahead of time to make the recovery process faster;
  • creating more secure passwords in the future; and
  • checking that once you do get your account back, to check your settings to be sure that all emails are still not being forwarded to the hijacker without your knowing it.  And consider that the hijacker may have been or may be looking through all of your old emails for any information that they might use as well.
  • I am not sure what all email account services have for their users, but those are a few tips.  You could search for more.

Anyways, good luck.

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