How to Resize an Image on a Mac (easy and free)

In short summary, you can resize an image on a Mac using the application Preview which comes installed on your Mac.  Preview is actually a very useful program in many ways, (another which I have found is when I want to print an image to a specific size and I want to easily see just how large it is. Preview lets you see and control in the print dialog window just what your image looks like.)

Anyways, back to resizing your image.

The Steps

  1. If your image is in iPhoto, then go to File > Export and Export your image to somewhere on your computer where you can find it easily for the next step, like your desktop.
  2. Now open that image in the application “Preview”.  To do so, you can either hold down the Control key on your keyboard and then click on the image in your finder or on your desktop, and move your cursor over “Open With” and select Preview.  Alternately you can go to your finder and under Applications find Preview and open it – and then go to File > Open and find your image.
  3. How to Resize an Image on a MacWith your image opened in Preview, go to Tools > Adjust Size.
  4. Fit into:  Custom is the default and lets you specify a specific set of dimensions.
  5. Width and Height Format:  First change the format to what you need.  By default it says inches which would be useful for printing, but if you are creating an image for a computer, you may want to change that to Pixels.
  6. Adjust Width and Height:  Then change either the Width or Height to what you want.  When you change one dimension, the other will automatically change to keep the image the same dimensions, so you do not distort your image when you resize this.  If you do not want this, and want to distort your image, just click the lock icon to unlock the width and height from being connected as such.
  7. If you need a specific resolution, you can specify it here, but generally it does not matter, (you can google “resolution myth” and read a number of articles).
  8. Click Ok.

Additional Resource.  If you are away from your Mac and do not have a tool to use, here is the link to a website that will help you resize an image:  Resize an Image.

If that was helpful, or not, or you have any other comments – please share below.  Thanks for reading.

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