iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Sync Problem after Mavericks Update

Does this sound like you?

I updated to OSX Mavericks and now when I sync my mobile iDevice, (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), iTunes will not finish syncing.  iTunes just keeps “Finishing sync”.

You are not the only one with this problem.  While Apple is working on a solution, you can use the following steps to help iTunes finish that sync.

  1. In iTunes, click on the button to change any settings for your iDevice and change a setting.
  2. Then use the button at the bottom right of the iTunes display to “Apply”.
  3. This works for me every time.
  4. {I have not testing with all settings but for my use, under the Music tab, I have my my music set to sync only to “Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres” and I just add or remove a playlist from what I want synced by ticking a box – then “Applying” that change.}

If this worked for you, use the comments to let others know what you changed.  If it did not work for you, leave details also.

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