Beauty and Function in Web Design

Beauty in Web Design

Beauty is inside us, all around us, in small details and landscapes. As with all things beautiful, a beautiful website design opens the heart and engages the senses.

Visitors to an aesthetically pleasing website will stay longer, engage themselves more fully, and will leave with a better opinion of your business. Research shows that visual content presentation influences user perceptions of usability, trust, and confidence in the web content they view.

Function in Web Design

While aesthetic beauty is expansive and pleasing to the senses, functional website design defines the scope, function and purpose of your website.

Who are you? What are you selling, sharing or otherwise wanting to communicate? What end result are you desiring from your website visitors? How else can a website serve you or your business?

The answers to these questions and the means by which you choose to express, elicit and manifest the answers to these questions should determine and guide the functional design and technical requirements of your website.

Functional web design is about optimally incorporating these answers into your interactive website design with clarity and ease for your  audience. The result is a user-friendly website that optimally serves your clients and your business.

What are your thoughts about beauty and function in web design?

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