Why Web Standards?

Behind the curtain of your website is the code that makes your site look and function the way it does.

Within the last decade there has been tremendous progress in the development and adoption of web standards. Web standards were created to

“reduce the cost and complexity of development while increasing the accessibility and long-term viability of any site published on the web.”
[span class=”author”]— the web standards project[/span]

What this means for you as a website owner is that your site can benefit from:

  • Lower costs in the development, maintenance, and even complete re-design of your website;
  • Increased access by all major browsers in addition to the growing number of alternate devises used today to view content on the internet, such as PDAs and cell phones;
  • Forward compatibility, meaning your site will still work the same way long into the future;

Additionally, if your site is designed utilizing these standards in the proper way, the content of your website will benefit from being properly understood and categorized by search engines. Translated, that means higher ranking and better positioning in the natural search engine results.

Do you know other reasons?

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