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I bought something the other day online that to me was a fairly mundane, some chemical test strips, and in the box came a few pieces of marketing material that really caught my eye – and my 7 year old sons.

Now I had never heard of the company that I purchased from, and had promptly forgotten their name after ordering this product.  I was certainly far from being a likely return customer.

However when I opened the shipping box, which had to be much larger than my product to fit their marketing materials, I saw a colorful and fun looking calendar, (not your usual boring company promo piece), and another eye catching card with lots of catchy phrases and marketing pitches.

I would have to say that what really pulled it off successfully was the design.  The design was fresh, fun, had just the right colors and layouts with mixed images – all done very well.  Additionally the calendar offering special throughout the year on specific days was a creative and effective idea to invite users to actually use the calendar and be thinking of their company all year long.

My son quickly flipped through and said, “Dad, can you buy $150 worth in September so I can get the really cool multi-tool?”.

Who is the company? Zoro.  I had never heard of them, and whether you have or not, I recommend checking them out as they have a strong marketing team.  I like their website too.  Check it out, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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