A Logo Success Story

I am a Napa Web Designer. This is a story about how a discovered, became a client of, and then a partner with a business service provider, that all started with their logo.

I was recently looking for a new merchant services provider because my existing one kept adding new fees and charging me more and more for their services, especially while other merchant services were lowering and simplifying theirs.  I had tried one new solution, using Stripe, but I did not like the fact that my transactions fees were posted to my bank account for each transaction rather than in build at the end of the month.  This just made bookkeeping more time consuming.  And I don’t really like spending my time on bookkeeping.

It took me over a year to get around to it, (just busy), but I finally did. After some research here and there I ended up on the payment gateway Authorize.net’s website because I realized their services allowed me to have the once a month billing option I liked.

Here is where the logo caught my eye.

Best Online Merchant Services RatesOn was on this web page, (which may look different by the time you read this post), but it had logos down the left side of the page and text to the right of each logo with a description of each business.  See images to right first to see layout of page and then to I grouped all of the logos together so you can see all of them.

Now I scanned my eyes down the page and honestly just felt turned off by all of the logos I saw.  They all conveyed the same feeling to me, that they were all these large old school money money money type organizations.  It all felt heartless to me, and they all gave me the same feeling, except one.  It stood out like a beacon of hope.  I was so stunned by my reaction that when my wife and 7 year old son walked into the room, I showed them the page and said, “If you could pick a company to work with just by looking at their logo, which would it be?”  Both my wife and son looked through the page as I scrolled down and showed them all of the logos.  Both of them said the same thing, Moolah!

Then the Words

Best Online Merchant Services RatesAfter my reaction to the logos, I read the words next to the logo that described the business, (obviously written by the businesses themselves).  And again I was impressed,

Moolah is a boutique merchant service provider with a simple philosophy to deliver the very best payment experience to their clients. The company takes a fresh approach to the payment space by providing technologies of tomorrow, being transparent with the costs and over delivering on customer service.

That just sounded so good.  I was in.  I just needed to check out the reality of what I had read and when I found the rates were better than I expected, I signed up and have been using them ever since.

And I did, out of curiosity read some of the business descriptions written by some of the other businesses, just to make sure Moolah had not caste a spell on me, (I don’t really believe in spells), and sure enough, I felt nothing attractive in their descriptions.

Now if you are potentially in the market for a new merchant services provider, then I certainly recommend you read my other post titled, Best Online Merchant Services • My Story, or just head right over to Moolah, because as I said at the beginning, I like the enough that I partnered with them.

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