WordPress Youtube video won’t show? Try this

Recently I uploaded a webinar video on how to get your WordPress site running with HTTPS, and when I put the YouTube video URL in the post editor, it did not show up as a video. What gives? I thought WordPress supported oEmbed and all I needed to do was just add the URL.

Try this.

The URL I got when I clicked on “Share” under my video on Youtube.com gave me this url:


That did not work, but this did,


So you keep the unique identifier for your vide, in my case


and add it to this instead,


See if that works!

And let me know.

6 thoughts on “WordPress Youtube video won’t show? Try this”

    1. The problem in your case is not specific to how you have added it to your website because when I go to either of the URLs above that you shared in my browser, they say on Yourtube that they are Unavailable. This post I wrote was specific to an solution I found when having trouble getting the Youtube video to show on my WordPress website.

      However one thing to check in your case might be to confirm your video is set to Public and not Private which is a Youtube specific setting per video in your Video Manager.

  1. I love the easy tutorial. My link produced the video to begin with, but when I published the page, it reverted back to just the link. It’s using the same watch?v=, but I can’t get the video to generate. Any ideas?

    1. If you are using WordPress, in your Text Editor switch from Visual mode to Text mode (top right of the Editor) and see if your video url is surrounded by some code which would have “<" and ">” around it. If so, in the Text mode, remove all of the code and leave just the full youtube url on its own line with a break (an empty line) above and below it.

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