What have I been up to?

For those of you who know me and follow my work, I have not been posting much and wanted to just put out a post sharing what I have been up to lately. And for those who don’t know me as a web designer, well, read on anyways.

In summary I have been very busy with work, we had a very busy fire season where I live in Napa County California, and my son has taken a love for downhill mountain biking.

In reverse order with a little more details, taking my son biking on Saturdays has actually been a lovely retreat because we go to the woods where it feeds my heart and soul. Fires? Well, we were evacuated for 25 days total and spent a bunch more time dealing with no power, no internet, and so on. But our house survived and we are grateful for where we live.

Web Design Work

Silicon Valley Clean Water: Website Design and Development

Just last week I launched a new website for Silicon Valley Clean Water which was a long time in the works. I was contracted through Nexinite (whose website I also designed and developed) and I worked mostly with Amanda Wilson of Redwood City as the New Website Project Manager for SVCW. The website is a major upgrade from what they had and I have heard has had a very positive response. Here is a link to their monthly newsletter where they share about the new website.

Horn Heart Foundation: Website Design and Development

Other than that, I built and launched a non-profit website for the Horn Heart Foundation, and then last week built out the website with a number of new pages which are really fantastic. Check back if it is still just a one page website.

Siemont Law: Website Design and Development

I really enjoyed working with Katie. She is a local lawyer specializing in Estate Planning. Her new website is professional and inviting with a friendly personality.

Sufi Center Minnesota: Website Upgrade

Sufi Center Minnesota had a nice website but the technical foundation of the website restricted design improvements and caused it to be very slow both when editing and for users visiting the website. So I re-built the website from the ground up in a slick modern foundation and then added my touch to the design. Since then we have been adding more events, sign up forms, and continually improving it.

Zia Healing Arts

Gina is an old friend and healer. Her website was also built in a foundation that was on its last leg, and also she wanted to freshen up the design. Now her new website looks great and should last well into the future. If you are even in Las Vegas, look her up for some healing work.

Other than that, I have been busy maintaining client websites, making edits and the like. If you want to see more of my work, visit my web design portfolio or my Instagram page.

If you need a new website or help with an existing WordPress based website, let me know.

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