Final 2021 Website Design Projects Launched

What a year for a web designer! Over the second half of 2021 I have been really busy with many design and development projects and will highlight some of them.

First off are the web design projects that I both designed and developed in collaboration with my clients after getting to know what they wanted, what they needed, what they wanted to accomplish with their website, what their preferences were, how to best create a website that would fit their needs for ongoing care and so on. I feel so grateful to be able to choose the work I get to engage with and still loving my life as a web designer living in Napa California.

First off is Hot Yoga Calistoga. Anne Seaver through her passion and yoga experience has fostered a fully engaged community of like hearted hot yoga enthusiasts who regularly gather to improve their all body and mind health with her fully booked yoga studio. She was in full steam when the pandemic hit and shut her studio down but as soon as she could, she chose to get back up and running, better than before, and is now back in business running classes as half the size (due to the pandemic) and again is fully booked. Part of her resurgence was a new website with a fresh design which is where I got to help out. Visit the Hot Yoga Calistoga website.

Next to share is Muslim Men for Humanity. This is a local non-profit out of Tampa, Florida that pools together money from a group of members who donate regularly. Then 4 times a year all of the members meet and decide what local charity to give all of the money to. This way they can have a bigger impact with their giving. As expected, the people I worked with were kind and generous people who wanted to make a difference in the world and were spending their extra time and effort doing so. These are fantastic role models and I have heard they just had their first meeting and made their first donation of $5K to a local charity. The new website I designed and developed for them was a combination of presentation to explain what they do, a donation system to capture and manage member donations, and a private member area to communicate with their members. Check out the Muslim Men for Humanity website.

Deep Green Building and Remodeling is next on the list. Dan is an experienced builder who has a passion for green building techniques and has been gaining a reputation for his work in the North Bay Area. His new website showcases samples of his work and provides some information about green building techniques and why it is important. The design is clean and has subtle accents throughout that make it stand out. Dan was easy to work with and very patient as I was busy when we first got started and the result was that we were able to create a really nice website when I was freed up. Our project included the creation of a new logo. And not to miss is the Building Green page which has a really cool slider to see the outside and inside of a home insulated with straw bail. Visit the Deep Green Building and Remodeling website.

And finally for the highlighted projects that I both designed and developed is Hank’s Farmer Market. This website is a multi-lingual website for a grocery store in San Diego, California – with new locations coming soon. On it you can find information about what they offer, get directions, see photos, learn about daily and weekly specials, and more. Check out the Hank’s Farmer Market website.

Other projects I worked on recently were 2 website projects for the U.S. Senate which I am not allowed to share details about, (but I am allowed to say that); and working with a good friend of mine Tim Fraser of Dewdrop Media on a large project still getting finished up. Tim is a very experienced, professional, reliable and skilled programer who is also a super nice guy who I always appreciate working with.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading. If you need a web designer for your next project, get in touch.

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