Elementor Not Saving?

Are you making edits to Elementor in your WordPress website and it is not saving? Here are a few things to try and consider.

  1. If your connection to the website hosting server is interrupted, such as if there is a momentary problem with your internet connection, then your website will not be able to save its changes. This is true not just with Elementor but also for WordPress and really any website system. Solution is to wait patiently and check your internet connection, such as to open up another website in another browser window and see if it opens, or you can use a tool like Speedtest to test your internet connection speed.
  2. Has there been a long time since you opened Elementor and started making changes? For example, did you start yesterday and leave it open until today? Or have you just had it open for an hour or more? If you have had it open since yesterday, then certainly that is a problem and you will need to save your work another way, exit, and come back to Elementor to try again. If you have had it open for an hour, well, it could still cause a problem depending on the hosting server. Again save your work and come back to it.
    1. How to save your work? If you have a lot of work you might lose, you could try to save the page as a Template – click the up arrow to the right of and on the green Update button and select Save as Template, this way you have saved your whole page to the library, then you can exist Elementor, return and insert that saved template and adjust the page as needed. If that does not work or you just have a section or two on a complex page, you could try to right click and either save Sections to the Template library like above, or you could copy a section and open another browser window to another Elementor page and paste it there temporarily – then close and open the page and paste it back. Just some ideas. If none of those will work, then you may need to rebuild the page.
  3. Another reason is that your hosting server may not provide enough resources for you to have Elementor open for a long period of time. So, save often and when it starts to fuss and not save, then exit Elementor and return and continue.

Did that help? If it did or did not, share below to help others.

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