Events Calendar Plugin Cache Using Huge Amounts of Storage

Do you have a WordPress based website that uses the Events Calendar plugin and a caching plugin?

And the amount of storage space being used on your hosting server has skyrocketed?

Then this is for you.

In my case I have a WordPress installation with the Events Calendar plugin and I use WP Rocket for caching. Within a few days the amount of space being used on my hosting server went from about 720 MB to over 5 GB. When I looked into it the vast amount of it was in the cache folder and specifically in the events folder inside the cache folder.

This might be the case for any event plugin and/or any caching plugin combination. I am assuming it will be.

The solution is to exclude the events from being cached. In my case, with WP Rocket, go to Advanced Rules>Never Cache URL(s) and enter the following:


The first line will exclude /events; and then next line will exclude everything inside the /events folder.

Then clear your cache. And you are good to go.

If this was helpful, let me know below.


David Tierney

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