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“Every individual and every business has something unique to offer.

I build websites that clearly, beautifully and effectively communicates what that something is.”

David Tierney has been crafting strategic website solutions as a professional web designer for over 10 years and has been working professionally with interactive design and development since 1992. He founded his own business in 2007 so that he could put satisfying quality into his work and proper attention towards his client’s needs. His focus: “delivering exceptional custom web design and development services the way his clients like it”.

“I believe the foundation of image building and marketing is through your website, today more than ever.” – David Tierney

David’s clients describe him as reliable, accessible, trustworthy, efficient, thorough, caring, enjoyable to work with, affordable, and having “design brilliance”. He is well reviewed on Google, Yelp and LinkedIn, and there are dozens more testimonials from clients added to this website. Read below to learn more about what sets David’s work apart.

What Sets Me Apart

I Listen

I listen to what you want for your business and how you want it. I understand that every person and every business and organization is unique, and I know that the success of our partnership in serving your needs starts with listening. Once we agree to work with each other, I listen and listen well. Everything builds from there.

I Offer Insight

The foundation of great marketing is in recognizing the true and full value of what you have to offer. This takes insight, the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing. Whether you have a well defined identity and marketing plan or none at all, I can offer insight into the value of your offer, how to effectively convey that value in your website, and how to deliver your message, sell your products and services and support your organization.

I Strategize

I’m not interested in just creating a website, and neither should you.  You need a new website for a reason – to communicate your message, to better market your business, to better serve existing clients or customers, or for a number of other reasons. Every business is unique, every message is unique, every situation is unique.  I start every project with strategic planning that involves exploring your business and your needs, defining clear intentions and goals, organizing and prioritizing concepts and content, and creatively and strategically solving problems and identifying solutions.

I Design with Excellence

Not only do I have a keen eye for aesthetics and beauty, but I am gifted at distilling and translating the unique qualities of people and businesses into designs that enhance their image and add value to their products and services. Additionally I understand how users view and interact with websites; I understand conversion optimization techniques that help turn website visitors into leads, customers and clients; I understand search engine optimization techniques; I know how to translate goals into design decisions; I know how to make optimal use of an interactive interface; and I have experience and skill at applying all of this to solve problems and meet goals.

I Work Cooperatively

I work with you, in partnership, cooperatively, respecting your expertise with your business and sharing my expertise, skill, experience and advice. I ask clarifying questions so I really get it, so I understand what you are asking for and am not operating on assumptions. I strive to understand the whys and hows so I can offer insightful strategic advice and recommendations. And I take the time to explain what I am doing and why. I run my own business and I understand the need to find people to work with who are interested in more than just money. I know you are looking for someone who will partner with you in your success.

I Care about the Details

I pay attention to details and tend to my work as a master craftsman. I strive for excellence in all aspects of my work – my design work, my programming work, and in my service to you. The fine details are what people notice and what stands out and communicates quality. Success is in the details. In this way I can truly craft a website that will serve and represent with excellence what you have to offer.

I Empower You

If you are unfamiliar with the process of designing and developing a new website, I will guide you through the process, explaining it to you so that you are empowered to be in the driver seat of the decisions that need to be made.

I Offer Perspective

Often times when you’ve been running your business or organization for a long time, you lose sight of what it’s like to be freshly introduced to your products and services. Often times your business has changed since you first began, adapted through the years or through iterations of ideas that have shaped its creation. I have lived a diverse life and have a rich perspective beyond my skill as a web designer and developer. I offer the isight of someone who is mature and insightful, intelligent and clear thinking, who is capable of listening and then asking the right questions to help you clarify your message and your communication about who you are, exactly what you offer, how it works and why it is valuable.

I Care about Your Success

Behind quality service and customer support is more than just competence, but also personal integrity and sincere care. What that means is that the person who is serving you is listening to your needs, spoken and unspoken, and sincerely looking for solutions to those needs as if they were their own. I care about your success.

I am There for You

I answer the phone and respond in a timely fashion to your emails.

I Have Experience

See my list of clients, or my design portfolio.

I Stay with You

I understand that when your new website is launched, that this is not the end, but just the beginning.  I will continue to be available for ongoing maintenance, repair and updates as needed and requested.

I Have Integrity

I am honest, open, transparent, professional and easy to work with.  {Don’t take it from me – read what my client’s say.} To learn more about David and what he can offer for your business or organization, view samples of his workclient testimonials, a list of clients, or services offered.  You can also learn about the process of designing and developing a website.

Personal Welcome

Hi. My name is David Tierney. I design and build websites from start to finish. This includes concept and content strategic consulting, user interface design, user experience design, website design, WordPress development, internet marketing, maintenance and general creative problem solving. I’ve built websites for consultants, realtors, retailers, artists, dozens of businesses and non-profits, a university and more. And I continue to serve most of my clients ongoing, helping them adapt and succeed as their businesses and the times change.

If you want a beautiful, fresh, user-friendly and mobile-friendly website that will impress visitors, build credibility, communicate your value, capture leads and convert your target audience into clients, customers and donors – I can help.

If you’re looking for someone who specializes in WordPress; someone who has success with content marketing and natural search engine ranking; or a web designer, developer and internet marketer who will listen to your needs and care about your success – give me a call (707.965-9727) or use my contact form to tell me about your needs.

And if you like testimonials – I have lots of testimonials.

Relevant Biography • David Tierney

David Tierney lives and works in California’s Scenic Napa Valley. He was born and raised in McLean, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C. He received his B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Virginia in 1989. He has lived a diverse and rich life which brings maturity and richness to his designs and his relationships with his clients. Outside of his work, he enjoys his family, farming, personal growth and the beauty of daily life.

David began his professional career with interactive multimedia design and development in 1992. It was then that he took a job working for a small creative division of Philips Electronics called Philips Studio Interactive (PSI). PSI was producing interactive multimedia consumer CD-i and CD-ROM titles for markets worldwide.

“Philips Electronics was one of the major players in the international battle over whose electronic CD player was going to win the hearts of consumers and become the default player in homes around the world. The internet barely existed back then.  Our studio was one of the few highly funded content production facilities developing content for Philips.”

Fun with ElectronicsDavid was involved in the design and development of a dozen plus consumer titles and corporate projects, winning several design awards. Titles included Fun with Electronics, Time-Life Astrology, Reader’s Digest Home Repair, Point to Point travel guide, and many more. Other projects included designing an education program for the Environmental Protection Agency and working with Mr. Rogers on a design for an innovative interactive Neighborhood of Make-Believe.

David started out as a Production Assistant, then quickly moved up to Production Coordinator, and eventually oversaw a number of new titles, language conversions and platform conversions as Assistant Producer.  During that time he was involved in all aspects of design, production and project management.

Having accomplished so much in a short period of time, David temporarily left his interactive design work in 1996 to advance his own personal growth. Over the next eight years he explored and practiced integrative medicine, completing several graduate degree programs including a Doctorate in Physiatric (natural) Medicine, a Masters in Acupuncture, board certification in Naturopathic Medicine, and a three-year spiritual growth and development program designed to illuminate the beautiful qualities of the spiritual heart. During this time and for some years after he provided regular health care to over a hundred clients in the greater Washington, D.C. and Baltimore area.

In 2003 David Tierney moved to Northern California to be with his wife and to work with a number of non-profit organizations dedicated to providing advanced health care using traditional healing methods to improve health and to help people find greater fulfillment in all aspects of their lives. During that time he began to study HTML and CSS, leveraging his existing experience, insight and understanding of interactive multimedia design to help colleagues with their websites.

David’s first paid website project was at the start of 2006 for an organic catering business. When his son was born in 2007, David returned full-time to his love for creating interactive design. He founded Designs by Tierney with a focus on offering insightful strategic consulting and providing beautiful and effective custom websites for business and organizations.  Due to the exceptional quality and integrity of his work and his service to his clients, David is in constant demand.

To learn more about David Tierney and what he can offer for your business or organization, view samples of his work, client testimonials, a list of clients, or services offered. You can also learn about the process of designing and developing a website.

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