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Below are just some of the many dozens of comments shared by my clients demonstrating the quality and value of the work I provide as a web designer and developer. There are also many other public reviews and recommendations of my work on Google, Yelp and LinkedIn

The testimonials below are grouped in the following topics: Smooth & EasyDesign Brilliance; Exactly What I Wanted; Stunning & Beautiful; A Very Fair Estimate; Integrity; Patience; Responsive; Professional; An Educator; Clean Code; SEO; and Copy Writing.

Smooth & Easy

I have been involved with 5 website projects and working with David has been the smoothest, easiest, and most positive experience. He creates beautiful work that supports your website objective. He is a great listener and truly cares about creating a website that is both beautiful and effective! He is very accessible. I appreciate his honesty and attention to detail. He is also a great guy and makes a big project fun! I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone who wants a great website and a positive experience creating it!

Design Brilliance

We hired David Tierney for his design brilliance. We have high standards of excellence at LionHeart and David exceeded them with both his creativity and comprehensive insight into how to bring our unique offer to life. All this while acknowledging our competence, disagreeing well when necessary, and being extremely easy to work with. David gets our highest praise and recommendation. He truly knocked our socks off.

Exactly What I Wanted

Stunning & Beautiful

A Very Fair Estimate

I came to David with an idea for a website that I was not even sure was a possibility. With features like, several layers of membership, affiliate tracking, video hosting, user profiles and extensive archiving I was afraid it was going to be beyond my budget. From the first interaction, David seemed to grasp the concept I had in mind and in a short amount of time responded with page mock ups, scope of work proposal and a very fair estimate. I could not be more pleased with David's services. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to express the heart and soul of their organization online.




To have a website done is a difficult process, as it has to reflect a personality, and i was very worried because i couldn’t convey nor explain it to anybody. I researched for about a year, talking to various designers and colleagues, but nothing was right, and nothing matured. Finally it hit me that I needed a website for an upcoming conference of peers in the Broadcasting industry – in 2 weeks! I remembered I had a old friend who now designed and developed websites, David Tierney, so I gave him a call and asked if he could help me out with such a time crunch.

I talked to David over the phone for about 15 minutes, explained – as i had done many times over the past year to various people – what i do etc., using my clumsy way of conveying my message for my job – David understood me immediately, and had creative ideas and thoughts, and 2 weeks later, i had the most fantastic PERSONAL fitting website i could have imagined, right on my deadline. David’s creativity, patience, personal care and vision are the foundation of my recommendation to anyone with a wish for a professional website.
I loved David’s responsiveness! He treated me as if I were his only client (and I know that he has an overflowing calendar of client projects). He answered my phone call or email within a few hours. This type of responsiveness was very supportive and greatly appreciated!
Thanks for the quick, responsive and attentive care for my website needs. I do sincerely appreciate your help.


An Educator

Clean Code

When I log in for the first time to client’s websites to help them with their search engine optimization and online visibility needs, sometimes I cringe when I see how the website back-end is set up. Some websites that I work on are incredibly difficult to update content, manage page titles and tags, and add in functionality for newsletters or other marketing add-ons that clients want.

No such issues exist when I work with David’s websites. He builds sites that are elegant, goal-oriented, and easy for both technical and non-technical people to manage. David is great to work with and responsive to the needs of his clients and collaborators. I would recommend him to anyone looking for quality website design.


Copy Writing

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