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Freelancer Resources

Are you are freelancer, independent contractor, or other professional working solo? Here are three plus great freelancer resources for you. Freelancers Union Freelancers Union has grown to be a very large voice on Capitol Hill for the rights of Freelancers in the US, and the more members they have, the better they can serve the […]

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How do I Make My Website Secure

Here are the basics. If you want to, for example, conduct transactions online with credit cards, via a form or shopping cart, where customers enter their credit card information, you will want to offer your customers the security that once they hit the submit button, their information is not being viewed by other than you. […]

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How to Drive Traffic to your Blog

Below I will share some ways you can build your blog by driving traffic to your blog. I will start with one way, and add them over time, (so come back if you just see one). 1. Write material on your blog that answers the common questions people have in your line of work. Then, […]

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Nourish your blog for your blog’s success

How do I have a successful blog? Your blog, like anything in life, will flourish if you provide the right nourishment. A successful blog is one that reaches and enriches your intended audience. And that is true whether your intended audience is 5 people or 5 billion people. I will use the analogy of growing […]

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Creative Anxiety

Before I started my own business as a web designer, I had not had to rely on my own creative abilities so much. I had worked with designers before, but now I am the designer. I chose this line of work because I knew I had creative talent and had had this reflected back to […]

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Learn WordPress

Tags and Categories

What is the difference between tags and categories as you use them in your WordPress interface?  Lorelle provides a starting point in helping you figure out how to use them. My friend Dawud, an avid blogger and small business adviser with a lean towards social marketing actively uses them on his site as an example […]

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