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Xmarks Failed Login and Sync Problem Resolved

Xmarks has a service that allows you to sync your bookmarks across browsers.  There are built-in options now to sync bookmarks within a browser, but not across browsers.  So Xmarks has been filling the gap for a while. Unfortunately I have been having issues for a very long time (many many months) getting it to […]

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Firefox Print Bug Prints only First Page

Are you thinking, “My browser only prints one page of a website, the first page”? Are you using Firefox? There are several instances that trigger printing errors with Firefox.  The one I have run across results from declaring overflow: hidden, overflow: auto; or overflow: scroll, which I use sometimes for its self-clearing float effect.  The […]

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New Google Tracking Code

In December 2009, Google launched a Beta version of their new “Asynchronous Tracking Code” for its Google Analytics.  This won’t affect your current code from operating, but if you want to improve your webpage load times and fine-tune the accuracy of your Analytics data, then then check out this option. (more…)

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How do I Make My Website Secure

Here are the basics. If you want to, for example, conduct transactions online with credit cards, via a form or shopping cart, where customers enter their credit card information, you will want to offer your customers the security that once they hit the submit button, their information is not being viewed by other than you. […]

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