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How to make an email link

How to Make an Email Address Link

If you are interested in the WordPress User Guide, click on that link to start at the beginning. How to make an email address on your website automatically open a users default email program on their computer and insert that email address in the To: field.  Instructions here are specifically tailored to use with WordPress, […]

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How to Find a WordPress Category ID – The Easy Way

How many times have I needed to identify a specific WordPress Category ID and scratched my head trying to remember.  And worse, when I searched on-line for an easy jogging of my memory, found un-necessary solutions leadering others to endlessly scratch their heads as well, wondering if there is an easier way. And although I […]

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How to Add, Edit & Format Text in a WordPress Post or Page

UPDATED February 2015.  This is one part of a series of articles providing basic instructions for using WordPress. To start at the beginning, or view the full index of articles in this series, go to  A Simple WordPress User Guide for Beginners. Or if you prefer to watch videos, you may prefer to watch these WordPress Video Tutorials. Step […]

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How to Drive Traffic to your Blog

Below I will share some ways you can build your blog by driving traffic to your blog. I will start with one way, and add them over time, (so come back if you just see one). 1. Write material on your blog that answers the common questions people have in your line of work. Then, […]

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Nourish your blog for your blog’s success

How do I have a successful blog? Your blog, like anything in life, will flourish if you provide the right nourishment. A successful blog is one that reaches and enriches your intended audience. And that is true whether your intended audience is 5 people or 5 billion people. I will use the analogy of growing […]

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Learn WordPress

Tags and Categories

What is the difference between tags and categories as you use them in your WordPress interface?  Lorelle provides a starting point in helping you figure out how to use them. My friend Dawud, an avid blogger and small business adviser with a lean towards social marketing actively uses them on his site as an example […]

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