Therapist Stefanie Schlief

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Stefanie Schlief is a therapist serving the North Bay locally, specializing in harm reduction and trauma-informed therapy. Stefanie launched her therapy practice with this custom designed and developed website to act as the focal point for her marketing efforts.

We started with getting to know Stefanie, her needs and goals for her website, what her area of focus was, who she wanted to serve, where she wanted to offer her services, and who she was so that we could craft the perfectly designed solution. From there we discussed content strategy, next steps, and got busy working on the website. The final result was well received and Stefanie is thrilled to have this support as she steps forth to help people through her therapy practice. The website includes search engine optimization best (SEO) practices based on her specific needs to give her a good start on ranking in natural search engine results.

Are you a therapist looking for a new website? I would be happy to talk with you. Please get in touch.

Check out her website here: Therapy with Stefanie

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