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Silicon Valley Clean Water (SVCW) manages a wastewater conveyance system and water resource recovery facility in Silicon Valley, CA. In April of 2107 SVCW approved a 400+ million capital improvement project to fully replace and rehabilitate their sewer conveyance system. In June of 2018 David Tierney was hired to create a website to help manage public communication about the project.

The RESCU (Regional Environmental Sewer Conveyance Upgrade) program comprises 11 projects grouped into 3 main topics.


The local public who had several interests:

  • Understanding how their tax dollars were being spent.
  • Learning how and when construction would affect their daily lives, i.e. construction on the roads interrupting travel; construction in areas creating extra noise and extra road congestion with construction vehicles.
  • Concerned citizens wanting to make sure that the program was not unnecessarily and adversely affecting the local natural environment.


  • Contractors interested in bidding on various project components;
  • Providing a public means to share information about the program’s progress and existing contractors to contractors involved in implementing the program.

The public at large

  • This is a very large and unique project that is of interest to people all over the world needing to study or undertake such a project for their own water conveyance upgrade needs.


  • To responsibly communicate relevant and timely information to the public.
  • To facilitate communication and collaboration amongst the parties involved in implementing the program projects.
  • To provide an information presentation structure that is easy to navigate for a diverse group of interests and needs.
  • To provide the information in a way that is easy to read and otherwise digest for a diverse range of people, whether that be in the form of text, images, pdf documents, videos, audio files, or links to other locations or resources – whether on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.
  • To be clean and professional in appearance yet conservative so as not to waste the money of the public or stakeholders or to appear to waste the money of the public or stakeholders.


  • To present the one RESCU program and its 3 main Projects as one cohesive whole but with each project having the presence and weight of a core project on its own.
  • Given the smallish amount of information for launch (20+ pages), to be designed and built to expand and contain a large amount of information over time while retaining an ease of navigation and use.
  • To be designed and built to easily adapt to feedback and the needs of a diverse group of people who will all be looking for different information for different reasons.


  • The overall design was created to be clean and simple yet professional and organized in its layout and design.
  • As a primarily information consumption website, the font selection, color selection and layout were all designed to make reading and otherwise consuming content easy for people of all abilities and needs.
  • As a website whose content was expected to change and grow significantly over time, the navigation topics and navigation layout were designed to be a skeleton with infinite growth.
  • A secondary menu was created to highlight the 3 main projects and give them a highlighted presence.
  • A blog style “Program Updates” was integrated including categorization for each of the 3 main projects so that from both a presentation perspective and admin workflow perspective, adding updates to the website is easy, fast, searchable and automatically sorted to appropriate content pages.
  • The website was built in WordPress using a fast and flexible “theme” designed to provide a fast website that could grow with the needs, expected and unexpected.


The goals of the logo design were to:

  • Take the existing SVCW logo concept, modernize it and modify it to represent RESCU as a project of SVCW;
  • Integrate a specific bird and tree that are of specific importance to preserve during the implementation of the program work, representing the environmental care of the project.

Also note in the new logo the addition of the pipes around the water drop shape icon. How can I help you?

Original SVCW Logo


New RESCU Logo

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