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The California Narcotic Canine Association (CNCA) is a non-profit membership organization serving law enforcement K9 professionals. Their core offering is membership and two annual conferences.


  • Promote membership to the organization;
  • Promote and provide information about their conferences including an online schedule, class and instructor details, location, and vendors;
  • Provide a convenient way for members to renew / pay for their membership online;
  • Provide a convenient way to register for the conference;
  • Provide information to members about training events;
  • Provide information to members and the public about Certification Standards and about the organization;
  • Provide a way to identify and contact from dozens of admin, certifying officials and board members.



With so many objectives and target audiences:

  • To create a clean and intuitive navigation;
  • To provide clear feedback cues so users know where they are on the website;
  • To effectively promote multiple value propositions;
  • With two conferences that themselves could be their own websites, to create one website that unified all offerings but provided full conference information for those interested in the conferences.
  • To effectively promote their membership and 2 conferences with the right information and presentation.


Clean and Intuitive Navigation

We slimmed down the core navigation menu to 7 core topics and did not include the multiple conference sub-pages until one selects a conference they are interested in. This makes the main navigation topics easier to identify what the user wants and then if their one click is to one of the conferences they have another full menu of conference topics.

Clear Visual Cues

All pages beyond the home page have one of three branding banners at the top: one for each conference and one for the rest of the site which was dedicated to the membership organizational information. All banners have the same consistent layout and over design but each has different text, background color and image. (see images)

Effectively Promote Multiple Value Propositions

The home page presents the various offers in a clean, clear way with easy call to action buttons.

There are three core full landing pages with a full flow of information on each designed and developed to enroll people in one of the three programs: membership or enrollment in one of the 2 conferences.

The Conference pages include a full color-coded online schedule to make it easy for the different K9 specialties to find their interest; along with distinct pages for the core topics of interest to their conference attendee audience such as Instructors, Vendors, Location and Register.

Uplifting Authority and Credibility

Overall it is a beautiful new mobile-friendly website that conveys a more professional image for CNCA while enrolling new people in their offers and making it easy for a diverse audience to find what they are looking for. How can I help you?

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