The Benefits of a Good Web Design

Your website is your company’s face to the world. New potential customers and clients will visit your website and decide in a moment what their relationship will be with your company’s products and services. Does your website accurately reflect the best of what you have to offer?

If you are an artist, is there creativity in your design? If you offer business services, does your website have focus, direction and clarity? If you are selling a product, does your website design reflect the specific qualities and attributes that make your product unique and valuable to your customers?

This is true about the quality of the overall website design and layout, and also about the appropriateness of design to what you are selling. If you are selling flowers, your website design needs to reflect beauty. If you are selling hammers, your website design needs to reflect durability and strength. Your website design is crucial to its success in serving your business.

The look and feel of your website design impacts your visitor’s experience and the actions they choose to make, as does the content of your website, and the ease and clarity of navigation. A good design attracts clients and helps them say “yes”.

Visitors to your website will consciously evaluate your products and services based on the content of your website, but more importantly, visitors to your website will unconsciously evaluate your products, services, and your company based on the image that is presented in your website’s design. Have you applied the same care and ‘attention to detail’ with your website as you have with your products and services?

To learn more about the benefits of good visual design, I recommend reading “Visual Decision Making” by Patrick Lynch, where he talks about how:

“…research shows that the sophisticated visual content presentation influences user perceptions of usability, trust, and confidence in the web content they view.”

Was that helpful? Any thoughts, feedback, additions?

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